At what age should we worm our new chicks?

Mskayladog....I have been wondering the same question... How much Wazine for two month old chicks? ....or do you wait until they are older?? How often are they supposed to be wormed?
I'm pretty sure my chickens don't have worms. I wouldn't worm them without knowing if they did have any. You can take a fecal sample and have it checked., or just look for them.
I've been advised by a vet not to deworm my chickens until they were at least 5 weeks old. The only dewormer I could get was for ostriches
and the dosage was per kilogram body weight. So we had to estimate the combined weight of our flock, measure the amount of dewormer and I mixed it with their water and filled all their water bowls first thing in the morning, when they all have a drink. It isn't always possible to tell if your chickens have worms, so it's a good idea to deworm regularly.
Make sure you follow up with another dose after a week, to kill the eggs and then deworm again every couple of months, just to be on the safe side.

He also gave me a tip for medicating chickens: take their food and water away for 3 hours, then replace with medicated water/food. It works well for medicine that needs to be ingested within a certain time after mixing it with their water.

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