At what age to geese become more independent?


Dec 13, 2016

I hatched a pair of sebastopol geese about 5 weeks ago. They are my first geese.

They are very attached to humans. I cannot get them to do anything on their own. They currently still live in my downstairs bathroom. Right now, they are watching me through the window, they are on the back deck. I used some chicken wire to fence off a large part of the back garden for them, space they normally like, but the female goose, Gertie, she cut her wing trying to get out. They cried all morning. My office is just around the corner.

I don't mind them hanging around, but there is just so much poop! I have an acre of land, 2 ponds, but they won't go anywhere on their own. Even the pond, they love when I put them in, but won't go in on their own.

So the question is.....when will they be more independent?


Sep 25, 2015
Are they 5 weeks now?If so,it could be 3 or 4 months before becoming totally independent.My geese were never totally attached to us,or humans period,they were 5 months when w got them,at this age they followed me around the yard some,but did just about everything else on their own.They would have probably been much more human friendly if raised by us,but i'm not sure how friendly they get.They are friendly enough I Can nearly touch them,and they will talk to me and etc.

Yours being so young,you do not want them walking around independent,its dangerous.Bigger geese are much more intimidating when it comes to size,and aggression.Young geese are not big enough,or have enough intelligence to ward off or fight a predator.

I would just make pen and keep them outside.


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Oct 21, 2007
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Yep, this is normal. They are imprinted on you as "Mom". They will be more interested in each other next year, especially if they are a pair. Sebby's are a very people friendly breed and will probably always prefer being near you. Our girl would often sit looking at us through the window. You will need to scoop poop from where they hang out. Now you must plan to spend a part of your day with them, go to the pond, sit outside with them. It's actually why geese, especially Sebby's are so charming.


Apr 3, 2015
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my embdens were like my shadow for about 12 weeks. they still adore having company with humans but mostly do their own thing.
after 12ish weeks they started exploring further, however i find they are a bit like autistic kids and don't welcome change very easily.
my daughter broke her leg about a year ago, up until then they adored her. once she was in a cast they turned on her, now only one of the boys likes her, the others make a bee line to gobble her up.
with me, they always have time to be sociable, i can lay on the ground and they will all come snuggle up for hugs and strokes in exchange for gentle nibbling and grooming.
so although they are independent and hang out with each other, they haven't lost the connection completely.
the poop thing is never ending though. they really don't care where they drop it, sitting, standing, walking even sat on your lap, anywhere is fair game.
fortunately the food is never in their system very long so if it's grass, weeds and other natural finds then it tends not to smell. if you feed them on pellets then then it can be a bit gross. beige pesto that doesn't smell particularly good at all. none the less the smell on their worst day is nowhere near as bad as chickens on their best day.

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