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We have twelve 10 months old hens feeding on layer feed. We have twelve 7 week old chicks feeding on grower. All 24 share the same coop with a chicken wire wall separating them and a chicken wired run for the chicks within the big run. So all 24 spend everyday, all day together. They have been together for 3 weeks. At what age can they be combined together?

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This is my first year with chickens, but most folks say to wait until they're close to the same size. That way, there's less chance of injury while the new pecking order is being established.

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My flock is huge and is mixed ages from 3 weeks to 12 months and includes ducks. They ALL free range together. In the evening, the layers put themselves away in the layers coop, pullets and little roos go into the "pullet" coop on there own and the ducks usually quit early and go to their run by themselves. We close all the gates and doors before it gets dark. I introduce the chicks at 2 days with a heated brooder box in the "pullet" run/coop. At 2 weeks, I open the door to the brooder box and let them start co-mingling. I have yet to have a problem with this method. At this time, I only have 1 little EE roo, about 8 weeks, that seems to the be at the bottom of the pecking order but they have NEVER drawn blood from him.

RE Food, I feed from the coops, the layers coop gets layer and the pullet coops gets grower. During the day I toss them scratch if I am in the mood. But for the most part they are free ranging during the day. Seldom, an older bird will wonder into the pullet coop and snack on the food. But I don't use medicated grower so other than the higher protein, I don't have any concerns about it.

Here is a pick of some of my flock.

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