Attack duck


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
My parents are visiting this week and with them, 3 dachshunds. Their youngest is very interested in the duck, so he stays on a leash when he's out near the ducks.

Today my mom didn't have it locked, so he made a beeline for the ducks. I jumped up to get between them as my mom was able to lock his leash. A few minutes later, after he had barked at them, Ally got brave (dumb?) and RAN over to him and wrapped her neck around him. Got her away from him because well, he has lots of sharp little teeth.
Then their middle aged girl was walking by, not bothering them, and Ally ran after her and tried to attack her too! I ran over and scooped her up.

Good that she's brave enough to try to protect herself, but um, little or not, they are dogs with lots of teeth!
We recently got a pup and introduced it to our pekin and campbell, the campbell ignored him but the pekin bullies the dog! Up until a few weeks ago the pekin was bigger than the dog and used to chase him and bonk him on the head with his beak if the dog poked his head in the coop. Its quite funny to watch.

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