Attack of "Captain Save-a-Quail" Syndrome

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10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
Southern Middle TN
So I went to a new feed store today. Well, old feed store but new to me. Inside they had 4 Pharaoh Coturnix and 3 buttons. The owner of the store said that they had to separate one Pharaoh because the other picked on it. "Makes sense," I said, "There are 3 males in there and 1 female." In a 10 gallon tank. They had no idea of the sexes of the birds. The little buttons were absolutely CRAZED and looked so rough. They, too, were in a 10 gal (plenty of room) but were on a lower shelf...perfect tormenting height for the store's 3 cattle dogs. Someone tell me it would be a bad idea for me to go back and buy all those birds. Please. I don't need 3 more males!
I don't need buttons!
*sigh* Yeah, I'll probably go back and get them all.

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