10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Ok so like 3:24 in the mornin I hear the hens screamin there heads off.I thought oh **** becouse I forgot to put them in there pen.They hide in a bush outside,but my polish hen hides in another.The bush were all most of the chickens is supposed to be is bare,no chickens on thinking somthing scared them so much that they all jumped and ran for it,As far as I could see there was no blood,feathers ect.My polish hen was still in here bush so I brought her in,shes doing fine.Its 5:17 right now so its still very dark,I hpe my chickens are ok!
I couldent post becouse my mom made me go to school. 2 of the only 6 chickens I had died
They were chunky(black austrolorp)and blueberry(blue adulsion).My chickens are about 2-3 months old,id like to know if theres any hatcheries that will sell birds around that age?Or adults idc.I want to get a black austrolorp and a blue adulsion to remember chunky and blueberry.I feel so stupid right now becouse I didnt put them in.My eyes are welling up again
Sorry Pringle,


I know you won't forget again. It happend to us too. We had a really hot spell and our Aussie was sleeping outside under the deck where it was cooler. We were leaving the ducks out with him, but when the weather cooled off and he started sleeping inside again we forgot that the ducks needed to be put up for the night and lost one of them (my favorite) to a raccoon. Wish I lived closer, I'd let you have one of my Austrolorps.
I don't know where you could get older birds but I am getting 4 andaulasians from mypetchicken at the beginning of october.
I got my chicks from mypet chicken but I have to order atleast 8 becouse I live far away from them.I heard IDEAL poultry has no minimum is this true?
oh and im also looking for trail cames online.I need a nixe one to.Ill set 1 up when I bate my live trap,if whatever the creaure doesent spring it atleast ill know what it is.
I haven't orderd from Ideal, but was reading a thread earlier that said there was no minimum. They did have an additional fee for the small order though and sent an additional 8 (i think) little roo packing peanuts to keep the pullet chicks alive and warm during shipping.

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