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    Jan 2, 2011
    I have a serious predator problem. Well, something broke into my coop last night. I heard terrible squawking around 330 am and ran out as fast as I could. (ran into quite a few objects in the dark, and now have a sore hip and back) but it was worth it, because as soon as I got outside I saw something in the darkness fly into the pool. My dog triggered the light and what I assumed was the predator falling into the freezing pool was actually my hen, Munchies. She was panicking and called to her and she swam straight to me. Which Im glad they can swim, because I was about to jump in after her. So I take her in and wrap her up in a towel. She is in shock and not standing but there's only a few smudges of blood on the towel and I can't find any injuries. I went back out to check on the others who are all fine, but there are sooo many feathers from my Munchies. Some are the long hard feathers and some are soft small feathers, but one was a huuuuge clump of the downy soft feathers. Well, after about an hour she started getting up and moving a bit but suddenly she was terrified of the dog, so I put her in a brooder box in the shed. This morning she seemed fine, but I barely saw her, but she was eating and drinking. But I didn't notice her wing was limp. It wasn't until later in the day I noticed her wing is hanging down. She can kinda move it, but its definitely hanging. I don't know what to do. Is it broken, is it from the injury? What should I do? But she will not go back into the coop, so she is sleeping by herself in the shed. I hope she doesn't get too cold tonight. poor baby. So, any advice is appreciated.
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    I would make sure you get that coop fixed so nothing can get in because it will be back you can count on it. Sorry I don't have advice on the wing poor munchies. You should do a search on hurt wing at the top of the page.
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    i don't know injuries much, but see if you can determine any bone differences between the damaged wing & the other one. you can perhaps splint the wing if needed.
    birds in shock need more than normal warmth & quiet so their system can recouperate. she might also benefit from some electrolytes or even just sugar water to help boost her from the shock.
    sometimes the injuries are not that serious and the bird dies anyway because the shock is just too much for them so giving them the extra warmth, quiet, & sugar for a couple of days can make the difference between living or not.

    the predator will be back - count on it.

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