Attempting to kill other animals?


5 Years
Aug 5, 2014
SW Texas
My flock of 15 chicks did something shocking this morning. As I watched them, a dove came down to eat some catfood (my mom feeds a feral colony). The chicks stopped what they where doing, went silent, and then charged en mass at the dove. They where running at it they way they do insects and lizards. It wasn't a defensive move, more like capture and eat. When they got to it (the dove was in the air at that point) they started jumping up and trying to grab it. They also tried to get other small birds too. As anyone else seen anything like this?

Yorkshire Coop

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7 Years
Aug 16, 2014
Yes I have seen this happen. My chickens chase off and try to jump up to catch doves and small birds that come into their run. The doves and small birds generally try to pinch the chickens feed. I havnt actually seen them catch one though.
I just think they see the doves and small birds as an intruder into their space.

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