Attention All Egg Train Members!


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Nov 6, 2009
After over a year and a half and the train running mighty slow. The new forum is going to be so awesome for communication.

Where usually I have to contact the same 3 - 4 people and it's hard to get things coordinated, things should be so much easier to do.

With being able to send multiple pms I won't be trying to figure out who to contact and who can't do what. I can send one pm and let more people know what is needed at one time! What a concept! Luckily I just learned how to do this from Lothiriel and Nifty....They're really dealing with my lack of comprehension.

I do need some help getting things better organized. After my husband died it was just me trying to run things, since everyone thought I had run off. I would read, but my posts were few for a while. Just couldn't think straight and dealing with the obvious. So please let me know if you think you can help run things and work with coordinators.

That being said, I need some things cleaned up and cleared up.

If you have ever signed up as an Egg Train member and would like to be removed, please go to the Members link in my siggy and post to remove your name. If you want to join, same thing

If you signed up to coordinate for your state and are no longer interested, please go to the Coordinator link and ask to be removed. There is a handfull of state coordinators and I haven't contacted any of them in ages. If you would like to be a coordinator, please post there for that as well.

If there are some people out there that would like to help me get the train rolling smoother and more often, please let me know. Just post here and we'll find a way to work this all out again. I've had mostly birds moved through the Egg Train. Would still be nice to get eggs through. But whatever needs moved, I hope this will help.

If you don't know what the Egg Train is, there's also a link that explains.

Remember, if you want to be removed, post in the appopriate thread(s)

It's a new year and time to make things different and maybe easier for any of us who need transporton for birds or eggs. It worked much better in the beginning with help. but now it could really expand and be easier to do.

I'm so excited that this feature is being added and how much less work trying to get things done will be.

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