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    Hi everbody! I am gonna start a new thread for all the wannabe writers, authors , or anyone who wants to try it! I will be happy to read anything that is posted. IF it follows these rules:

    • It must be appropriate!
    • No swearing
    • All-age graded

    HAVE FUN!!!

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    I will post a story ASAP
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    [​IMG] **WRITING***
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    I havve to go now. not done with story yet..:(
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    Be patient. No need to get a reply in an hour or two. :lol:

    I occasionally dabble in fanfiction. I'm not much of a writer at all though, and most of my understanding of the writing of a good story comes from the TV Tropes wiki. :D

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    Me and my friend have to characters that we email back and forth short stories about, I'll post some of mine!
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    May I post some of my stories?
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    This i long, is it to long? And its not my best...

    By April Smith

    Me and my siblings sat there, very bored, in our new house that we recently moved into. Jake and John through a beanie back and fourth, Catherine put on her make up, even know she wasn’t going anymore, Kenny was reading a book, and I was staring at my feet, just randomly playing with them. Our parents went out to a ball dance and wouldn’t be home till 1am. They told us we could not leave the house. All of my toys are in the shed so I could not play with them. Catherine is 16, and all she wanted to do is go out with her friends. Kenny is 15 and he was acting normal, always had his face in a book. Jake and John are both 9, they are twins and all they want to do is brake stuff, but tonight mom said "If you brake anything, you are not aloud to go to Timmy’s birthday party!". And I am 11, my name is Charlotte, but they call me Char Char, and I had literally nothing to do.
    I finally decided to ask everyone if we can play a game,
    "Hey! What if we all did something together, like played a game!? Mom said that there was board games in the attic!"
    "Didn’t you hear? The attic is haunted."
    Walking closer and sounding creepier, Catherine kept telling me about the attic.
    "Their once lived a girl about your age, and she went into the attic looking for her pet cat. When her mom was calling her for lunch she wasn’t coming down, so her mom decided to climb up after her. When she got to the top, her mom saw her daughter balled up into the corner. She ran back down to get her husband, but when they got to the top, she was gone, and all that was left was a little black cat. Some people say you can hear her meowing at night, it almost sounds like she is saying, Mama mama!"
    Then when Catherine finished her story we all heard a sound in the attic, it almost sounded like someone was saying,
    "Catherine, stop that! You are scaring the kids!"
    Kenny came over to me and whispered,
    "Its OK Char, she is just trying to scare you."
    "I didn’t do that! Really I didn’t!"
    Catherine begged for everyone to believe her, but no one ever believes her.
    "Fine! If you don’t believe me, then why don’t you just go check it out for yourself huh!?"
    "Fine, I will!"
    Kenny said marching out of the room and into the hall way.
    When he got to the end of the hall way he pulled the string, which was connected to the stairs up to the attic, down and stairs came tumbling out and dust flew everyone and everyone coughed. Kenny put his shirt up to his nose so he could not breath in any dust and hesitated up the stairs. Then I came up after him. We peeked around the attic and did not see anything but a couple bored games and a stacked up pile of rocks in the corner.
    "See, nothing to be afraid of!"
    Kenny said climbing into the attic all the way.
    I climbed into and then Kenny yelled down,
    "Hand me the broom and the duster!"
    He reached down and grabbed them. Kenny handed me the duster and told me to dust while he vacuumed.
    I went over to the rocks and dusted them. One fell off and I saw a bright light peecking through the corner. I slowly pulled rocks off one at a time and there was a hole in the corner, with a light peeking through. The hole was as bright as the sun!
    I yelled,
    "Guys come over here!"
    Everyone crowded around me and I ripped some of the wall off. Surprisingly the wall came off kinda like ripping paper. As I was ripping it off the floor started to crack and the pieces I was sitting on the floor and it broke and I fell through the hole. I landed on some very soft grass. The strange place I was in was a place I have never seen before. The sun was bright, but didn’t burn, the grass was greener then a lime, the tree's huddled as close as two people freezing in the arctic.
    "Charlotte, are you OK?!"
    Catherine yelled down.
    "Yea, I am fine! Come down here! Its amazing!"
    I yelled back at them.
    And like I guessed, Jake and John came jumping down first, then Catherine, but Kenny was very hesitant.
    "I don’t know if we should! The place could be haunted or... or..."
    "Come on, its OK, you are starting to sound like Catherine now!"
    I yelled back at Kenny, then he jumped down and landed on his knee's.
    "See! Now I have a stain! Mom is going to wonder were I got the stain from and assume we went outside."
    "Its alright, we are not technically outside."
    I laughed and ran off toward a sound, that sounded like water flowing. As I pushed through the tree's, branches, and leaves, I smelled something that smelled like berries and fruits. I heard Branches breaking and Kenny yelling behind me,
    "Charlotte! Come back here! Charlotte!"
    I ran and ran till I came across a cliff and I almost fell off. I looked down and saw beautiful crystal blue flowing water. My siblings caught up with me and they were amazed. Then we all heard laughter and a voice that was saying,
    "Jump, if wont hurt, you will be alright. Come on, it will be lots of fun, try it!"
    The voice was high pitched and girly. I walked closer to the edge and Catherine grabbed my arm and said,

    "You're not really gonna do that?!"
    I answered,
    "Well, yea, I trust the voices."
    I walked closer the the edge and Catherine let go of my arm. Then Kenny yelled,
    "Your crazy! Charlotte get back here! Charlotte!"
    I let myself weigh down, and I fell off with my eyes closed. I felt happy, calm. Till I opened my eyes. I panicked! Then out of no were something picked me up and dropped me off on the ground. I looked at it, and it was a big poofy bird with a long orange beck and gray and white feathers. It also had a Mohawk. Then it talked! It said,
    "What happened? Did the fairy’s trick you!? Oh I really hate those fairy’s, they are so annoying!"
    I was in shock. Then a fairy flew up to me, then another, then another! They were flying around me, laughing and giggling, it was annoying, but they were still beautiful. Then the bird started squawking,
    "Get out of here! GRRAAKKK GRAAAKKK!!!"
    He nipped at the fairy’s and they flew off.
    "Oh those fairy’s are so annoying! So where did you come from?"
    I was still in shock, but I answered,
    "Fro-mm Ho--me."
    I stuttered.
    "Ha Ha! That’s funny! Lets get you some were, away from the fairy’s."
    Then he picked me up by his beak and put me on his back and flew away. I was so scared up so high in the sky! But it was beautiful still! The sky was a bright blue, and the sun was like a glowing orange. We landed by a big house. It was shaped like a nest, but had doors. I climbed into the house and it was so cool. I turned around and everyone of my siblings were there except for Kenny! I asked,
    "Wheres Kenny?!"
    Jake yelled,
    "We don’t know! Kenny went to find you, and we couldn’t find him afterward. We look everywhere!"
    Then John said,
    "Then we came across a we- uh wes- uh its a wewesil?"
    Charlotte corrected John,
    "Its a weasel. The weasel took us back here. He thinks Kenny might of been taken by some mermaids!"
    Then a little weasel came out of a hole in the corner of the room and smiled. He stood up straight and said,
    "Ello, my name is Mr. Thomas. I believe your brother may have been taken by mermaids. Your sister tells me that he was wandering by the water. The mermaids will pull you down and torture you."
    I was confused,
    "What? Mermaids are not mean, they are friendly."
    "No they are not, they will kill. We shall get your brother back, before dawn comes. Dawn is when they have the mermaids get together and discuss what to do with the humans next, that’s if, they aren’t dead already."
    Then Jake screamed,
    "Dead! What dead! He cant be dead, he my brother."
    Mr. Thomas grabbed a thing, that looked almost like a knife and said,
    "This is my dagger, Catherine, you shall use this."
    Then he grabbed out a bag,
    "Here is my bag of magic, use it only for emergency’s. It will do anything you tell it to do, but you only have a subatomic amount. So use it wisely. Gryphon will take you to Pilemifith SeaSide, and then he will let you do the rest. I will meet you on the other side of the water then..."
    Then I questioned,
    "Other side of the water? How?"
    "When you walk through the water there is another side. First there is land, then water, then the other side of the land. But you have to say these special words, Oma Pathic, Shemeld Roke, Sama Tetherett, Ginka Oak. Just make sure you say them right, one slip and you will fall into a trap the mermaids made."
    Then I whispered to myself,
    "Oma Pathic, Shemeld Roke, Sama Tethrett, Ginka Oak."
    I asked,
    "What does that mean?"
    "No need to know right now, now go, before dawn, hurry!"
    Gryphon sat down for everyone to climb on. Then he screeched,
    "Hold on!"
    He took off into the air and everyone except me freaked out, and screamed, but after awhile they calmed down. Except for Catherine. We landed by the river bed and everyone hopped off. As Gryphon flew off he said,
    "Be careful, and watch out for Shiver Nots."
    I screamed back to him,
    "What are Shiver Nots?!"
    I was afraid I was gonna find out real soon. Then I said,
    "Oh, what are those words again!"
    Catherine answered,
    "Omg, you already forgot. I saved them into my phone, here!"
    She handed me her phone and and walked over to the river and quietly said,
    "Oma Pathic, Shemeld Roke, Sama Tethrett, Ginka Oak."
    I walked through the river and entered another land, that was brighter, and had a tint of blue. I looked above me and saw crystals hanging. Then Jake, then John, then Catherine joined me in the room. Across the room was Mr. Thomas with a key. He ran over and said, breathing fiercely,
    "I took the shorter way, an on the way I had a key berried, just in case I ever needed it, if anyone got in trouble."
    He scrambled over to a path and motioned us to follow. We followed Mr. Thomas and came upon a room filled with gold, dresses, and jewels. Then I heard a voice coming from the corner yelling,
    "Help! Catherine! Charlotte!"
    I yelled back,
    "Kenny! We are over here!"
    I looked over to the corner and saw Kenny in a cage, and I ran over to him, and tripped over a string a knife shot at me, almost hit me. Mr. Thomas yelled,
    "There is going to be lots of traps, you gotta watch out!"
    "Now you tell me!"
    I grumbled, standing up. I slowly walked forward, and a tile on the ground fell and a secret room filled with water opened and I jumped trying to get away from the tiles, that were falling. One tile fell and I almost went down with it. I grabbed the floor that wasn’t falling and pulled myself up. Catherine screamed at me,
    "Charlotte, be more careful! Nobody even decided for you to go! You just ran over there!"
    Then Mr. Thomas put the key into his little mouth and scattered through the traps over to me and gave me the key. I walked up to Kenny’s cage and opened it. Out of no were I heard humming, and singing, someone was making the most beautiful noises,
    "Sleep little baby,
    you don’t have a chance,
    your eyes are golden, tint of blue,
    words will give a little dance.
    Marching bands of sweet tunes,
    Give away your melody.
    Casting rains and blue moons,
    They give a night a secret key.
    So baby don’t cry a word,
    We have you under control.
    Give the dawn a day to itself,
    and don’t give back, the day to sell."

    Mr. Thomas whispered,
    "We gotta get out of here! Those are the mermaids, they are trying to put us under their control!"
    Mr. Thomas jumped across the floor, but looked back and noticed we could not get across. Most of the floor was gone, just enough to have Mr. Thomas to get across. The water splashed up and a mermaid jumped into the air. She was beautiful, till I saw her teeth. Her teeth were sharp, but pure white. She flipped onto land and made me and Kenny fall into the water. We fiercely swam to the other side, but did not make it and the mermaid pulled us under water.
    I took in too much water and fell on conscious.

    I woke up in a room filled with plants growing from the ground. Kenny was lying right next to me, so I shook him to wake up. He popped up and freaked out,
    "What!? Whats happening!?"
    "I have no idea, I just woke up."
    I motioned Kenny to follow me and we crawled through the plants. I heard a noise and I looked around and motioned Kenny to stop. The sound was eery and sounded almost like branches braking. Then the plants started closing in on us, and I yelled,
    "The plants are moving!"
    "Don’t you think I already know that!?"
    Then I heard someone or something whisper,
    "I am moving, every minute, every hour, of everyday. Sometimes I feel slow, sometimes I feel fast, but I always move at the same pace. I might make you late, or early, what am I?"
    Kenny and I thought and I said,
    "Its a riddle, maybe the plants may stop moving if we figure it out!"
    We thought and thought and then Kenny blurted out,
    "Time! You are Time!"
    The plants stopped closing in and started backing away. A path was made so we didn’t have to crawl and we walked over to the end of the path to just find a wall covered in vines. Kenny paced back and forth,
    "Now what are we going to do!?"
    I put my ear up to the wall and moved my hands back and forth on the wall. Then I fell through into a room that seemed like a box. Kenny entered behind me and we looked around and saw a hole in the corner of the room. I ran over to it and started to pull it apart, and it was just like pulling paper apart! Just like at home when I pulled the corner apart. I jumped through the hole when it was big enough and I was on the normal land again. I was standing next to Mr. Thomas, Catherine, Jake, and John.
    Catherine smiled and hugged me,
    "You are back!"
    Kenny jumped down behind me, and I asked Catherine,
    "How did you guys get out?"
    "Mr. Thomas showed us the way out, it was the same way we came in."
    I looked into the river and grinned,
    "We should probably get out of this place."
    Mr. Thomas escorted us out and we said our goodbyes. I still wondered what the weird thing he told us to say to the river meant, but I just left it alone. We got back in our house and put some stuff over the hole, we were in the attic again. We all decided to go to bed, and so everyone did, except me. I thought and thought about the thing Mr. Thomas said. Oma Pathic, Shemeld Roke, Sama Tethrett, Ginka Oak. Then I pulled myself up in bed and whispered to my self,
    "The whole place is a riddle, the whole land, everything. That means the words are riddles too. Oma Pathic, Shemeld Roke, Sama Tethrett, Ginka Oak. Oma Pathic, me, Shelmeld Roke, Kenny, Sama Tethrett, Catherine, Ginka and Oak are John and Jake. Every part that meant me and my siblings had a part of our middle name in it. And the whole sentence meant us, us coming back, to help the land."
    I was scared, but I could get to sleep now knowing what everything meant. I decided to ignore it, and not tell anyone, not even Kenny or Catherine. I can still remember us going back, but that is another story I will tell you another day, and another way, if I even get to it.
    ~To be Continued~

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