Atwood's Duckling Identification!


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Mar 3, 2018
Any guesses on this little guy? He or she was incredibly smaller than the other ducklings. He is about the size of a week old bantam chick. He *should* be four to five days old. It's from Atwood's in Greenville, TX. Last year they received their poultry from Ideal Poultry. They wouldn't tell me where they got them from this time (really great customer service). If they got them from Ideal again, the two breeds I'm leaning towards are Black East Indian Duck or Black runner. Or maybe Black Swedish? I really don't know, thought I would ask her for a more expert opinion! Regardless, I love the little one!


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Here's a few more side angles of the little cutie ❤️


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Yes, Atwood's is similar to tractor supply! I've reached out to their corporate to see if they'll tell me. They have pretty poor customer service at my store, but I know last year I saw boxes from Ideal.

Is it common for one of the ducklings to be considerably smaller than the others? I know it was an assortment he was with at the feed store, but he was MUCH tiny-er than the other ducklings. They all came in yesterday.

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