Auction doelings/female goats [what breed/s you think they are?]


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Oct 28, 2008
Fell in love with these two at the livestock/tack auction. They seem to be sisters to me. Seem very bonded and though one as more white they are the same color, which I havent seen before. [Cant tell in some of the pics but they are like a buckskin color ] Wish I knew who mom and dad were. Love the color on them. Then I got the black and white girl cause she was so scared, and seems to have worms or something. Poor girl...




This is the girl I have the question about. She has a really bloated looking belly. It almost feels like she has a belly fully of air. I am gonna give her a wormer, and gonna pick up some baking soda, and vaccines for them. Any ideas about why shes so fat? Can babies get bloat? Ive never had a goat with it before. She is active and playful doesnt seem sick in any other way.


Them babies are Boer %'s. Probably crossed with alpine or Kiko. The girl with the swelled belly is much heathier than the others. She just has a well developed rumen. Though coming from the sale barn they should get an anti-biotic right away along with CD and T and being wormed. Having Boer in them I would use Cydectin to worm with. Boers don't seem to do as well with Ivermectin. I don't have pictures of the our Boers, but you would see their round bellies if I did. And I really like her colors... whats your address and do you have any mean dogs...


Hmm Ive heard about them having heathier rumans they have swelled bellys but I thought that was more so in adults then kids. I have already done all of that, Ive had them about a week, but the pics were taken the day after I got them just havent been able to post them. My guess is the "brown" and whites are boer/alpine and the blk and white is Nubian/boer. She [the blk/white] looks just like a 3/4ths Nubian we have at our place but a bit younger then ours.



We have many very big dogs lol
those ears scream nubian to me, probally a mix of some kind. Why someone would mix a boer meat goat with a nubian milk goat beats me...if that's the case.

They are totally cute. Her belly could be babies, they can breed really early. What price were they going for?

Check out somegreat peeps on there!
Alot of people seem to be doing that now, I dont really know why. Hope its not just cause they look nice. Though I fell for it. LOL.

I hope its not babies, shes about 2 month old by her horns. I paid $20 each. That also tells why I had to get them. LOL
Dairy goat dont go into heat till around 3 to 4 mths of age and she dont look old enough for that. Now if it was a Pygmy or Nigerian they do start their heats at around 4 to 5 mths also. the males do get frisky earlier than the females. I personally think its either worms or cocci belly. Worm her and treat tham all for cocci. Nice babies..

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