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    I have some Project Lavender Copper Marans. This is for a PAIR both are Lavender Copper Marans. The pullets are at point of lay and have been laying some in that pen. All are about the same age. THESE ARE A PROJECT!!!!!!! To improve these birds you need to cross them with Black Copper Marans. Egg color, feathered legs, type and color are ALL things that will need work. I don't know how many generations back the first cross was made but mine are 2 generations away from the previous breeder.

    I have more than I really need for this coming year so I am offering a pair for the first time. This year I will cross with my Black Copper Cock and work from there for next year.

    Shipping will be express mail and based on your location. Boxes are $10 each (might need 2 boxes) a guess on shipping will be between $50-75 depending on your location.

    Auction will end at 8pm CST on Sunday January 25th, 2015. The last bid marked 8pm will win. Bidding starts at $150 for the pair.

    If I missed something just PM me for more info. I have never done an auction so I might have missed something.

    Happy Bidding and Good Luck!
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