Aussie Spot ducklings- What sex are they?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by sianara, Jul 15, 2011.

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    My duck Bella hatched out 3 healthy ducklings 6 weeks ago and now I'm trying to figure out what sexes they are. If you have Australian Spotteds and have had ducklings before please give me your opinion. Thanks!

    Parents on the left, ducklings on the right

    Parents on the left, ducklings on the right

    Mother bottom left, Father bottom right, #1 duckling top left, #2 duckling top right and #3 duckling in between parents on the bottom
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  2. Totes Quackers

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    Apr 17, 2011
    mmmm no idea [​IMG]
    but they are very pretty quackers! [​IMG]
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    Apr 22, 2011
    I don't know but those are gorgeous!!!
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    Apr 2, 2011
    I have never heard of these ducks before right now, but they are lovely!
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    Hard to tell form the pics, need a good bill shot. Kinda looks like a trio, males will get the more solid colored bill where the hens will have the mottled bill. I see one with a definatel solid bill, he's a male for sure, looks like the other two have brown on it still, they'd be your hens.
    Also voice sexing is very easy, hens quack load, males virtually make no sound, if they are quacking they are hens. Listen to mama, they sounds just like her if they are.
    Is your drake in eclipse plumage already? Looks off in color to me.
    I have the blue head and green head aussie spots, is he a silver head??
    your hen looks to be a definate blue head, but the ducklings all look green head, so just trying to figure out what ya got there
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  6. sianara

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    Quote:Hi, I'll try to get some closer bill shots tomorrow but they are leary of me getting too close - but at least the mother Bella isn't hissing at me anymore lol. She's always been the most friendly duck but when they were little she would hiss and posture towards ANYONE who even looked at her ducklings. It was a little comical but I respected that she was protecting them so I didn't spend too much time out there to minimize stressing her. Tomorrow I'll use the REAL camera instead of the phone camera and maybe I can get better facial closeups. As far as coloring goes to me they all look alike and they all look like the drake but this is my first time having them as ducklings so I'm inexperienced. I got the parents as juveniles.

    Yes, I agree with at least one male which I think is the largest or duckling # 3 in the bottom picture and I'm pretty sure he's the "quiet raspy" quacker just like the drake. But for the most part they are still just making quiet whistling sounds. I haven't heard any of them quack like the mother and man is she loud. I think she rivals call ducks sometimes [​IMG] But I will pay closer attention to see if maybe one of them is quacking and not the mother. Having a trio would be perfect.

    Doesn't eclipse plumage occur in the fall up in the colder states? I know last year when he molted he was very very drab and stayed that way for the most of the winter but in the spring his coloring brightened/deepened.

    The parents are both blueheads. Sadly two ducklings that hatched both died early on and I think they were both silverheads. It was such a disappointment.
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    Apr 27, 2007
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    Apr 27, 2007
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    Quote:You know now that I look at the pictures on Holderreads site you're right. His coloring IS off. His head isn't even solid blue like it used to be. Hmm, better go back over some older pictures of when I first got him (Fall 2009) cuz now I'm not remembering what he looked like then. This evening when I went to lock them up I noticed about 10 full white feathers on the ground which I'm assuming are his. What would cause the early molt? It's been hot here but they have plenty of drinking/swimming water as well as shady areas. He acts healthy and still eats/drinks/swims alright.
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    Quote:Thanks, see response # 7 [​IMG]
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    Quote:LOVE your signature line [​IMG]

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