Australorp chick at 11 weeks old...what gender?


6 Years
Mar 17, 2013
Ok so I thought this was a cockerel, but now I'm not so sure. I only had one australorp chick from this bunch. It didn't feather in as soon as the other pullets, but not as slow as the other cockerel. Its comb is big but not as red as the cockerels. Also I'm not noticing any pointy saddle feathers, but the other cockerel has saddle feathers coming in. Any thoughts on what this is, he or she? When do the saddle feathers typically show? I thought they would be visible by 11 weeks.


That would be awesome! We lost our hen australorp this year to a fox (got the fox now). And loved how good of a layer she was. Keeping our fingers crossed for pullet.

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