Australorp genders

Kimi BK

Oct 4, 2020
New Mexico, USA
We have seven 7-week-old Australorps. Two seem to be clear roosters (comb/wattles). 3 seems to be clear females (tiny greyer combs). The other two we aren't quite sure -- their combs are much smaller than the clear roosters, and slightly pinker/more fingered than the clear hens.

The one on the bin with the Wyandottes is one of the confusing ones (we hope hens).
The solo on the palette roost is one of the clear roosters.
The two on the left of the roost with the Wyandottes and easter egger are two that we are considering clear hens.

We'd love to hear your input on genders, with a note about why you think that...?

Thanks in advance!


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Thank you! We haven't even been attempting to guess at the Wyandottes yet, but I had begun to suspect that we have more male than female Wyandottes, and it sounds like you're confirming... I'll try to take some more pics just focusing on them.

So given this input, for the Australorps, including ones that weren't pictured, I think we have two males and five females (assuming that our "maybes" are females). Glad about that! Maybe they will all end up being keepers... or one dinner and six keepers...

Thanks again!
Thanks! Ugh, I will have to post pics of our 7 Wyandottes to get on that one... reading other threads it looks like it's hard to sex them, so we hadn't worried about it yet. But it sounds like a long of cockerels... also I'm not even sure one of them is a Wyandotte; its comb doesn't look like a pea comb. Maybe it's another easter-egger, but it has yellow feet so we thought it was a Wyandotte... maybe tomorrow we'll get some good pics...

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