Australorp --hen?


Aug 6, 2015
I think she's a she. However, I almost swear this bossy thing almost crowed today. 4months/1week old.
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It looks like it could be a roo. Here's a pic of a pullet of similar age, is a black australorp. Notice the small comb, not yet pink.

I thought I had better photos of her but can't find them. She is so much larger than this photo shows. The comb has just started turning a bit red in the last few days.
Your picture looks like an 8 to 10 week old cockeral vs. a 4 month old pullet. At 4 months a chicken is pretty much fully grown, but look at that size difference between your chick and the chicken next to it. If the picture is truly that deceiving in size and the chicken is 4 months then its a pullet.
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It's just a play in the angle of the photo. She is one of the three largest girls I have. They were all 2 days old when I received them so I know she's 17 weeks old. That's also why I said she is much larger than the picture shows.

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