Australorp Pullets? Roo?


8 Years
Jan 22, 2012
Yakima, WA
Here are two 6 week old Australorps. I bought them sexed as two day olds. These two have much bigger combs than the other 4 Australorps that I have and one is slightly pinker than the rest. They all feathered out the same, nothing really screams roo at me, but I'll be selling them this week and I just want to be as sure as I can be that they aren't cockerels. Oh! Also the one with the "pinker" comb is the bravest of the bunch. It's the first to explore something new. It attacks the broom and was the first to jump in my lap. Thanks!!

Australorp #1 with pinker comb-

Australorp #2 with bigger thicker comb-

Sorry it's blurry :/

Thanks for the help!

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