Australorps Breeding for SOP and Exhibition Thread

Discussion in 'Exhibition, Genetics, & Breeding to the SOP' started by ronott1, May 3, 2014.

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    The difference between Hatchery and Breeder is striking Right?
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    You betch ya!
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    I'm in Centre Rawdon, NS, happy with 5 hens at SOP with itty-bitty flaws, noting to stop from breeding them. What I lack is rooster at SOP, so breedng mine now is not a great idea. I would love to have some htching eggs or how quality juveniles, from eastern Canada or NE states ( this would require vet certification to enter Canada), and I bet all of you know how hard it is to find compatible birds with health verification *and* bred to SOP.[​IMG]
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    Thank you for the pictures.

    I hope you find someone that can help you.
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    Hi Lynne ! It's your friend down here in Yarmouth ! Glad to see you on here :)
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    I'm assuming you are or know Linda Pattison? I think she posted those same pictures on Facebook. ;)
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    Most Folks, meaning the general public, (not serious breeders) are so used to seeing a MurryMcMurry Mutt, they are not sure what real Australorps look like.
    This is the best that Ive raised so far in the last say 15 years, but still no comparison to the beauts in Australia!
    We here in America need to pich in and get some DNA from those folks so we here can have the actual correct traits and characteristics of those "Down Under"! I'M willing to contribute! as this is my breed of choice.
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    Yes. on Facebook I am and very happy to friend fellow breeders- one from NS is in this thread too, hello Anthony! . Hupp Aussies are gorgeous and I know you don't ship eggs theough USPS, and I have bitten my lip so may times there is a permanent crease therebecause your work really glows. . Jim Hall, whom you know is in the picture too. We are so very serious about improving the breed, there is nothing frivolous and the NPIP program is vital, unless some top breeders can figure another way of shipping eggs with a vet certificate. I don't like the idea of shipping live birds, it may be that some of us will have to travel to the USA and negotiate some show-quality birds, esp juveniles, to drive home in air-conditioned comfort. We are especially in need of splendid roosters! Its going to take time, but gosh we need your help or all we will see here is utility strains.

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