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  1. I recently bought an auto-turner for my old, square hova-bator. Three of the eggs in there (out of 12+) are on day 18, today. I do not want to unplug the turner (then, I'd have to open it up & turn the eggs by hand) and since I have my LG going with Sebbie eggs in there right now, I thought I could move the eggs due to hatch into there (with higher humidity) and let them go.

    I know there are some risks with doing it that way to my Sebbie eggs but otherwise, I'd compromise the rest of my eggs that are not due until March. I have been turning the Sebbie eggs twice per day and that seems to be working I have two growing and a third that may be as well.

    So my question is--since these bantam eggs have been in an auto-turner for the last 18 days--do I want to hatch them in that same, upright position? By using an egg carton? Or can I lay them on their sides?



  2. I am now a full believer that eggs should be positioned to hatch in the same position they were incubated in.

    I did not have good luck last year on a few dozen hatches going from turner to lying down... but there could obviously be plenty of other reasons, including the were shipped.. but fully developed chicks drowning in their shell while most everyone else got out.. I dunno...

    I just finished my first hatch this year, and used the carton after removing from the turner trays.. and everyone hatched... this could also be because they were homegrown eggs... but after watching them hatch... I like the way this looks. I'm converted forever.
  3. That is good to know....and what I was thinking...on the other hand, I do have two eggs under a broody hen that are also on day 18, so those I'll have to lay down in the 'bator??
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    Quote:It's important that you know what can and can not impede hatching.

    Laying eggs on their sides from the turner can not hurt them. You are probably right about shipping causing the problem.

    Many problems that are present in eggs even from before they are set do not manifest until hatching.

    You did them no harm removing them from the turner and laying them down. This is standard practise.

    Chicks can drown in the shell. It is the result of too high humidity either in the first 18 days, the last three days, or both.
  5. Okay...I just wanted to make sure...I just was not sure that laying them down would not hurt them or their ability to hatch.


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    Quote:Most bird eggs will ONLY hatch on their sides.

    Poultry are slightly different mainly due to many generations of incubations done with the eggs upright ... they have adapted.

    It is thought that conducting the whole incubation with the eggs on their sides produces stronger chicks. High end incubators, esp. those used for rare breeds and reptiles use rollers to turn eggs so they can remain on their side.
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    Quote:I'm also a believer in using cartons.

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