Automatic 24 Incubator-Controls?

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    Hi all,

    So, my new incubator has was the only size that would ship here...

    The instructions are all written in Chinese!

    I've figured out the temp controls, but not where to put water, or how to set Humidity, a little help needed..?


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    If you could post a pic of your incubator please this would help to know what model you have. Other members may have that model and could then advise you on where to add the water.

    I would say if the instructions are in Chinese don't trust the incubator to give you a correct read out on temperature or humidity. I made that mistake with my Chinese one and totally cooked the eggs.
    Please do get another known to be correct thermometer and hygrometer to double check.
    It's so disappointing to have nothing hatch and then realise the incubator was telling you the wrong thing.
  3. mustangrooster

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    It looks like this: [​IMG]

    I would love to know the general instruction and settings for it also...

    And yes i do have another thermometer and hygrometer ...[​IMG]

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