Automatic Chicken Waterer Cups - Drinker Nipple Water Cup System


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Poultry Water Cup System

Automatic Chicken Water 2 Cup line - (As seen in picture)
Requires no electrical equipment or connection to faucet pressure.
Connect to a bucket to have a natural pressure watering system <5psi. (bucket and pipe not included)

The easiest way to water your chickens.
They drink from the cup, which allows the right amount of water to come into the cup.
The chicken waterer for sale is a two cup system.
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I ordered on Monday and by Saturday I heard nothing from you. I then emailed you and no reply so I then private messaged you thru the board which up to that point you didnt know i was a member on here and you then replied to me thru email telling me the order had been delayed thru the mail and will be to me by next week.

I asked you for a tracking number which you said you didnt have one. I later learned your a drop shipper.
I then felt uncomfortable with the order and asked you to cancel the shipment and to refund my order. You said you couldnt and over 4 more emails you said you would refund my money to just send the package back and I was not going to repay shipping back to you as that is what it says on your website if someone sends back the product to have it cancelled and I will then complain on this thread.
I did that which above I had posted only because it had escelated with little response from you privatly and I was beyond annoyed and posted here.
You then emailed me saying you would refund my whole order and I could keep the product for free. I said I wasnt into freebies and as long as the 2 liter watering bottle worked I would be fine with that but you never then even told me you didnt pay for tracking you just avoided telling me it until yeserday. I finally got upset and said Im going to take it outloud here on the board then you folks replied to me with answers yesterday which was 6 days later after buying it.
But you didnt pay for tracking and that the person who sent the order wanted to save money on shipping so didnt do tracking.

I then felt bad for confronting you on this thread and above this post my previous post removed it last night after i thought we had finally had communications and said in the future you folks should tell people you dont pay for tracking or give them the option of having tracking available and that a little more pricier shipping folks will pay it but should know first before buying the product which on your site it doesnt say any of that.
I finally got the package today and the icing on the cake is I paid $42. for 2 of your 2 liter watering cups water bottles and both water cups werent caulked at all and they leaked! I went to ace hardware and bought some caulking.
Even now after emailing which has been 2hours ago you you didnt reply to my email but youve been logged on the board. If I wasnt a member here I wouldnt of gotten a reply to my complaint after getting the bottles today. Not cool.

Ive taken a pic of the watering cup after caulking it. The caulk in some areas is dry and it will be clear but in other areas where its not dry its still white just in case you say you did caulk the cups.
I still dont get what the tube is in the bottle and why it is there. You told me to cut the tube sticking out of it for the water to work. I have no clue what your talking about still. Thru all of this the communication or lack there of, the lack of communication for 6 days of drop shipping/no tracking and the no caulking around the water cups where they were screwed into the caps was the icing on the cake with this.
These are small things that could of been dealt with but it shouldnt be up to the customer to do that it should be up to the seller to communicate it without the customer complaining for anything to happen.
It also shouldnt be about someone complaining on here about their product to get the seller to be concerned with the buyers complaints but if it takes complaining to hopefully lessen it for the next buyer then so be it. I dont want a refund for the bottles. I fixed the leaks and it will work. Sure the product will work but the seller has to work with giving the buyer some comfort from the beginning to the end if they want anymore buyers in the future. Im sorry to have to complain about this outloud. It wasnt my intentions at all from the beginning and a part of me does feel bad for complaining but if I dont and this happens to another person then Id hate for that to happen to them.
If this were a star system from 1-5
I would rate this a 1star with communication, a 1 star with shipping and a 3 1/2 star with the product.

.EDITED TO ADD--- I havent been able to see if they work yet and if they work after the caulking drys and I can figure out what the tubing is for then I will change the 3 1/2 star to a higher rating if it works as thats all that I care about in the end that it works and it doesnt leak or water doesnt fill the cups up when they go to drink out of it.

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You said thru an email to cut the tube at the top.

Can you please explain to me what the tube is I need to cut from and why is the tube inside all the way down to the water cups but I cant attach then to the watercups as there isnt enough tubing to fit into it without it popping out of it. Is the tube supposed to just sit inside from the top to the bottom and if so why?
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The ring is what is causing the leakage. You want to remove the ring, which is the part of the bottle cap that remains when you twist off the cap. The tube is needed for the air to flow properly. There is no reason to caulk the cups and I would not recommend caulking them or any part of the waterer
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Oh no, I didnt caulk the tubes at all. I did caulk around the caps where the water cups are at though.
Do you caulk around the water cups or cap area at all?
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I think they are leaking because you filled them with caulking so there is not enough room for them to fully tighten and seal.
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Actually theyve stopped leaking since I caulked around the area where the hole was drilled to put the watering cups in and now they now dont leak anymore. Thats why I asked you if you caulk them at all.
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