Automatic door for an ark???

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    Does anyone use a regular door closer on an ark?
    I have an catawba-style ark for my city hens, and so far have been fine with pulling the ladder up at night and down in the morning. I got busted for my chickens and had to move them to a friends house in the country until I move this spring,and I am driving back and forth to care for them, which I enjoy, but didn't want to bother her with the opening and closing daily.

    I was wondering if any of you have installed a regular up and down style auto-door on it's side? I thought it could be configured to lay across the largest part of the ladder opening and the ladder would always be down- the closing part would go over the last part at the top of the ladder. There are lots of raccoons, opposums, and other critters that I am worried about. We did re-inforce the wire sides with screws and wires and also put it over 3/4" thick plywood so something cannot dig under. The girls can free range during the day, so they have lots more room, it's just the nighttime ladder issue I'm concerned about. Oh, and the big doors get closed and locked at night- only the ladder doesn't get pulled up.
    Thanks for any tips
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    The one from Foy's would work with the use of a few pullies, but it's a tad expensive.

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