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    I wonder if she realizes that the sudden onslaught of purchases is linked to the chatter on BYC... [​IMG]

    When I bid on two of them two days ago, there were quite a few items with no bids. I bid on two of them, figuring that the next person who wants one will go to the next item and not bid against me since there were so many available.

    I bought one for $7. Someone else paid $23 for the same item. [​IMG]

    The one I bought was listed at GBP 4.25. The recent listings start at GBP 4.60. She's upped the price.
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    Quote:Wow-there must have been a run and she's taking advantage! I paid 4.25 GBP and the shipping was something like 2.75 GBP. I think my total in US dollars was about $10 or so. I just put the minimum bid on one and if that wasn't enough I'd bid on the next, or I would use a bidding service (I use esnipe).
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    Apr 16, 2011
    Yeah, she upped the price yesterday in the middle of my putting in a bid. Ebay said I was outbid but that there were 0 bids. Huh?? Then a bunch were more.
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    Jul 6, 2011
    Hi folks.
    Was facinated when someone told me about this discussion. Why? Cause I am the person who you have all purchased the feeders from.
    First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their interest.

    My husband designed these for our own use about 3 years ago and put a couple on ebay to gauge interest. Since then, interest has steadily grown. These are hand made and are quite time consuming, but up until recently we were selling them on ebay for a "Buy it now" price of £4.50. Then about a month ago ebay changed their rules, insisting that any item being sold as "Buy it now" must have a auction start price of just 10% of that value. This meant that all our feeders had to be entered as auction only to make it viable. They have also recently raised their final value payment to 10%, so we had to raise our prices slightly, as the majority sell for the start price. Also they will only allow us to list 15 at one time.

    All these circumstances have caused some items to sell for an unrealistically high price. This is not our aim but unfortunately we have no control over this. This is just a hobby which pays for itself and we have always prided ourselves on being helpfull, friendly and fair. Some folk are not really up to speed with ebay and don`t realise how to see other items we have availabe, other than the one they are bidding on. We are however quite happy to sell outside ebay for £4.50 and do so to anyone who contacts us directly.
    Hope this is of help to some of you, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you are unsure about anything.

    Thanks for now,

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    Quote:Thanks for posting. I, for one, hate ebay's fees and the way they've gone up so much. I started selling there in 2000 and a few years ago I quit because of all the stupid rules and fee hikes. So I totally get that you need to cover your overhead. I think that if these work like the video, they'll be worth their weight in gold. And that video is so cute. I just love watching them peck that thing. lol (ok I'm simple minded, maybe).
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    Sep 22, 2010
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    Got my feeder thing today. Since we are using crumbles at least for another 11 weeks or so, I need a 12mm hole. What size does that come out to? I think 7/16" is a bit smaller and 1/2" is a bit big. Which would you go with? It says to *start* with 12 mm so I guess I'll start with 7/16 and go up from there until it works fine.
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    May 31, 2010
    Portland, OR
    Interesting... I put down my bid [​IMG]

    I think I'll use this as a scratch dispenser when I'm away.
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    Got our feeder put out today. First they thought it was going to kill them. I threw some scratch underneath it and they all went running. A couple of them hit the lever but I'm not sure they got the idea quite yet. They keep going over and looking under there and once in a while someone pecks the lever, feed comes out, and they all run away like it's acid rain.
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    Apr 26, 2011

    Is there another way to contact you or will this work. What is that price U.S. and how do we order add pay?


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