Automatic waterer for ducks...


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
I have 4 six week old runner ducks. They always have water container to clean their beaks and heads. However I just made a waterer with chicken nipples so they could have clean water. Their current water fountain seems to become dirty immediately! They do not seem to be taking to the nipples. I have shown each of them how to get the water and when I hold them they drink. Does anyone know of an automatic water system for clean drinking water for ducks? Thanks so much, I am new here and new to raising ducks. My son has 3 huge spoiled Peking ducks that are fun and amazing.
I'm trying to find this same solution!!! I have 14 total ducks and am about to inherit 3 more from a friend that can't keep hers. I saw somewhere and I can't find it to save my life about a 5 gallon bucket and one of those water cooler bottles to make a waterer out of.
I think what you do it cut holes all around the 5 gallon bucket with a saw then take a block of wood and make grooves in it so water can flow through and then flip your jug upside down on the block of wood and it will release water like one of those automatic dog waterers. I THINK!
I'm giong to try it and see how well it works.
I have tried this and so far not too much luck. I have many of these drip waterers. If you email me I will send you 3 of these drip things and instructions and you can experiment with them. Ducks are MESSY but I really enjoy my runners!

Gonna try it out a couple of days to see how it works

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