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Feb 17, 2016
I've seen many posts in the forum on how to automatically water your chickens ... There are some pretty ingenious ideas out there using toilet bowl floats and PVC.

I had already purchased one of those Little Giant Automatic Water's months and months ago so I decided to try and make it work.

My chicken coop/run is relatively close to my faucet (roughly about 12 feet) which made it rather simple to dig and lay some PVC - all in all it probably cost me $20 in pipe/accessories and then $25 for the waterer.

The big thing with the waterer is that the "pressure valve" is either incorrectly installed or a cheaply made part. I went to autozone and got a 4 pack of stem valves and a removal/installation tool for less than $3, now the waterer doesn't leak continuously and it won't overflow and make a giant mess underneath it.

I've also got one of these on order: Pretty neat little bucket that has a float installed with water cups - certainly you could make this yourself, however, getting the parts and putting it all together ... buying a completed one was well worth my time and money - this will eventually be added to the mainline and up into the coop .. So for the summers here in West Texas the ladies will have water at all times either inside or outside. Only thing left to do is figure out how to supply water when its freezing outside (you know less than 50F! haha).

All in all it probably took me a few hours to complete after I figured out how to hook everything up. I did put a pressure reducer and backflow preventer on the faucet side, just in case.

- Jason


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