Avatars -- What Formats to Use, and Which Sizes Work Best ~'-)


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Sep 14, 2012
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I searched the forums, with no good answers found.
SoOo ... I've been testin' a bit (suggestions/comments are welcome/appreciated ~'-)

The Avatars you will see on BackYardChickens.com are squares made from the images you upload, and resized to fit the format of the different areas of BYC ... for example: 38px in your Inbox, 50px under Public Messages, 120px in the Forums, 175px on your Profile, and as large as 400px when viewing as a gallery image under '[your] pictures / avatars'.

One odd exception, which only happens w/in the Profile?
If you upload an image that is 175px wide and 400px tall, the size in that left column remains unchanged. Do it the other way around (175px tall and 400px wide)? It is resized and made into that same 175px square everyone else's is, as of this writing.

Acceptable formats are JPG, PNG or GIF (static or animated).

So, here's my thoughts on this: I see no advantage in making Avatars any larger than this 400px, and it'd probably be best to make 'em 175px.
In the case of my current Avatar?

I made it into the same 120px square (and background color) that appears in the forums, and they (BYC) display it at 175px in my Profile. I did notice it's not displaying all the colors, or as smoothly, as the original images contained w/in the animation. But, it'll do ~'-)

One more suggestion: If you can make one for yourself, then you can make 'em for others. It's a fun way to appreciate good folks for ... well ... bein' good folks (make ya feel just as warm 'n fuzzy all over as your healthiest two-day-old chick ~'-)
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