Avian pox?... Please, need advice

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    Jul 31, 2013
    Hello everybody. I am new to the site and need help with my chickens. Eight weeks ago I purchased some chicks and now I am facing a major problem. I hope someone can help me... This is the email I sent the hatchery (McMurray) and their response. I do not think they were very sensitive to my problem. I am posting here in the hopes someone can help me. This is the email I sent them:

    "Greetings. I have a question concerning my chicks. All of a sudden several of my chickens have warts on their feet, next to eyes, and on their backs. They are now about 8 weeks old. I did an online search and says it is "avian pox". What can I do to treat them? Is it deadly? Will they all eventually get it? Please respond asap since I want to treat them and/or take appropriate measures. Thank you for your time."

    This is the response I got:

    "You would need to talk to a vet OR check with the poultry division of the ag department of the closest university. We are not vets here and those could also be symtoms of other things. You can vaccinate for fowl pox, but think only works for healthy birds.
    Again, we would not know if that is what your birds have."

    Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Welcome to BYC. If you could post a picture of one of your chickens we can better help to tell you what it is. Avian or dry fowl pox is not usually serious, only lasts around 3 weeks, comes from mosquitoes, and there is no treatment for it. Once they have it, they won't get it again. Wet fowl pox is much more serious, and involves sores in side the mouth, eyes, nose, and throat. Here is a link to info: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/690442/is-this-fowl-pox

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