aviary for quail and zebra finches


Aug 4, 2020
here's my new setup for my balcony small aviary...any suggestions on arraging waterer and feeder for both the quails and the zebra finches?? i will pit sand for the bedding and add some more rocks to give it a natural looks and yes shelters for the quails...btw i will be housing 3 female and 1 rooster plus 2 zebra finches pair


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Looking good!
I've never kept finches but I've found that with other birds there can be competitive behaviour shown when feeding. It might be a good idea to have two seed feeders.
thank you will the finches know how to drink from a poultry nipper(the ones that's being fit with pvc pipes)?
It looks great!!! Keeping quail and and finches together should not be a problem! They tend to get along well. I would consider a hanging feeder for the finches and a standard waterer whether hanging or on the ground. Any seed spillage will be cleaned up by the quail and the finches may even visit your quail feeder from time to time. With a nest available, I will warn you that your 2 pair will soon become 20+ finches as they multiply quickly!!!!
I kept three pairs of zebra finches with a pair of king quails for a while. The finches fought with each other a lot. To prevent too much fighting, make sure you give the finches a couple of food and water bowls and several nests (if you want them to breed). For the quails, provide them with a shelter so they can get away from the finches (and their droppings). Also, I'm assuming you're going to put plenty of perches for the finches, right?

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