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    Jan 1, 2013
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    Hello all
    I am trying to make a decision on the typo netting to get.
    I was looking at the 50x50 foot 2"x2" aviary netting from mypetchicken.com.

    It says the netting will last 8-12 years and I am wondering if anyone has installed this netting and any hints.

    In my situation, the netting will double as a new orchard planting and bird netting to keep the birds out, maybe WE will get grapes and apples rather than our wildlife.

    Is the 2" x2" netting small enough or would a 1" x1" netting be better? Or would the denser net be too heavy. We would use heavy tree stakes to hold up the net until the trees are grown.

    The netting also needs to be strong enough to keep the hawks out.

    Any ideas are appreciated - lower end cost.
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    I don't know if you are in the mountains and get snow...think snow load if you do.

    I have used 2" galvanized chicken wire overhead for netting purposes and the snow didn't fall through. My fencing caved and it fell.

    Your 2" should be OK - if you get snow get the heavy knotted stuff I have read.

    I use the cheap bird (fruit tree) netting and have seen a hawk bounce off it, but have read one account of a hawk getting through it. Deer netting I have used also. I remove my netting for winter after rearing chicks. I don't put it up every year.

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