Away from home for 48 hours?

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    I need a little reassurance on something. Help. :rolleyes:

    Let me preface by saying...this is a goose egg incubation question, but I figured that the incubation/hatching forum would be a good fit. I've done some searching and have overall gotten the impression that I'll be okay, but any information or advice would be much appreciated.

    I need to be away from the incubator for close to, but not more than, 48 hours this coming week. I have 8 goose eggs going right now in a still-air incubator. They'll be on days 19-21 for this period. They have been getting a cooling period each day.

    My temps and humidity have been very stable so far and I anticipate no issues there. It's mostly an egg turning, ventilation, and cooling question.

    At day 19-21, for goose eggs, are they gonna die if not turned/ventilated/cooled for 48 hours? Any advice or recommendations are welcome.
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    They'll be fine :)
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    X2 :)
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