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So some friends and I were telling embarrassing stories the other day and one of my friend's mom's friend had a hilarious one.... She went out to eat at On The Border with a bunch of friends and they got a appetizer with guacamole and cheese dip and such, ANYWAY it upset her stomach and she got the runs so she went to the restroom. She's one of those women who "hover" over the toilet seat... I don't even know how this is possible but ummm... she missed.
So she felt bad and went out to find an employee. She finds a guy and tells him she has puked on the floor in the restroom and asked if she could have some cleaning supplies to clean it up. He comes in and knocks on her stall and she tells him she'll do it and for him just to hand the cleaning supplies under the stall. He said no and that it was his job. She insisted but he wouldn't let up. So finally she opens the stall door.......... and BOLTS!
She pushed past the poor guy and as she's making a sprint out the door she hears "OH MY GOSH!" and a string of profanities. She grabs her friends and they leave with her without an explanation why they were leaving.

I don't think there is any story that can top that one.
I have a pretty good one. I was on an airplane, from Italy to California. A VERY long flight and I ate the meal served and had been watching the little TV in front of me for a couple hours and I became violently ill. I got up from the huge long (8 person) middle row on this massive airplane and barely made it to the bathroom in time.....or not in time depending on how you look at it. I threw up ALL over the inside of that tiny bathroom. Only a tiny amount actually hit inside the toilet. EXPLOSIVE is a good way to describe it. One of the worse messes I have ever made.
I then had to green/red-faced tell the stewardess that she would need to close that bathroom to other passengers.
I did not go back to my seat for over an hour since I wasn't sure I would get out of the middle of that long row in time and NOT puke in someone's lap. It was horrifying.....the flight crew kept looking at me and would try to get me to go to my seat...I just couldn't for a long time. Never have gotten motion sick before or after on a plane.

That is awful!!!

The most embarrassing thing I can think of is from when I was in high school. I was on the speech and debate team. One topic that we were given for debate was euthanasia, meaning Dr. Kevorkian, assisted suicide kind of stuff. I totally thought that the person calling out the topic had said "youth in asia" and couldn't understand why people were arguing so ferociously against it, I mean, what are the poor kids in Asia supposed to do if people don't want them around?
Luckily, I didn't get up to give a speech that round. During class the next week, I brought up my confusion to the teacher in front of the class. I felt like such an idiot!!! I still find that embarrassing now...
This happened when I was pregnant back in 1981 and I still feel really bad about it and am still embarrased. I was at a small restaurant and started to feel sick. The restroom was a single seater and the door was locked because someone was already in there. I knocked and said I was sick and needed to get in . The lady in there yelled back to wait my turn and leave her alone. I stood there for a few minutes getting sicker by the second . She finally opened the door and just as she stepped out I vomited hard. In an arc. It hit her square in the middle and splattered everywhere. She just stood there with a dumbfounded look on her face and we stared at each other for a second. I mumbled Im really sorry and hot footed it out of there. I never went back to that restaurant and still feel badly about what happened but I kind of think its funny now too. Im a little warped I guess. I just keep remembering that look on her face.
Once upon a time when I was gainfully employed I was set to give a presentation at a corporate meeting. Prior to my presentation I went to the bathroom and absent mindedly managed to urinate upon my pants. Before leaving the restroom, I splashed water all over my shirt and pants. As I took the podium I said "Anyone using the men's room be careful. That end urinal fires water at you." I think I got away with it. At least people laughed.
One time, I ran into Art Garfunkle. I mean I RAN into him. Wham. 'Oh, I'm sorry, can I have your autograph?' No, I just apologized. But I was very embarrassed.

And....That time when my best friend got peed on by the very large boy lion.

She was as wet as if someone had doused her with sixty gallons of water. It was really stunning, how much that lion peed.

Some time later, a few nabobs suggested, 'Why didn't you MOVE', but frankly, I think she was so stunned that it was just like one of those stupendous, frozen in time moments.

Sure, I said, you can stand there to take your picture, it's safe, that's a nice stout, sturdy cage, and from there, you'll get a very nice composition.

It was just that I was thinking about teeth and claws, not pee trajectories. Those aren't so easy to visualize.

She CRIED. I mean she was really disturbed by this event. I tried to tell her not to take it so personally, it wasn't 100% intentional, I didn't think.

When we rode our bikes back from the zoo, everyone told her she had to ride behind the group. WELL behind.

I have never smelled anything so bad in my life.

To top it off, four days of baths and shampoos one after the other, didn't really remove the smell.
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One morning on an EMS call, I needed to go back out to the truck for supplies. I'm usually very quick and efficient, so it annoyed me that I needed to make that second trip. I spun around and ran right into the full length glass storm door! In front of the patient's wife and my chief! The wife was very concerned, but chief couldn't stop laughing. At least the teasing was diverted from my driving skills for a while.

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