Awww..his feathers are coming in...stripes!


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
This is racer or stripes depending on which kid you ask...

Its our Turken that has unique markings!

A stripe literally down his back and he's SOOOOO FAST lol...



however; it looks like he has something wrong w/his foot;



gonna have to check to see if its something to worry about...

GAH! Sorry I resized these pics like 5 times..they keep showing up this size...???
will he keep these markings in the form of feathers??? really dingy question; but since i've not ever seen chicks grow into chickens..I have no clue..
I'm not gonna tell you and ruin the surprise! But have you taken her out to see the real world yet?
Nope; its still very cold here! was 32 this a/m...

and I think its in the 40's now...

too cold to take my babies out dontcha think???
Might not be bad if the sun is shining and it isn't windy. I remember mine would hunker down to the ground when they got cold then I'd bring them back in to the brooder. I suppose you could go and see. Keep your eye out for cats though, little chicks are practically defenseless. It is so nice here right now it is hard to imagine cold.
yeah its cold! i had frost on windows this a/m on car!! gloves and hats for kiddos!!

says thursday high will be 50 and friday maybe i can those days for a few minutes..put
them back under the brooder light...when we come back in...

its 42 now...I'll keep them in..I dont want them to die on me
I have some turkens like that. They are buff turkens and no your turken will not keep the stripe

Turken baby


Same one grown up


I think yours is a buff colored turken or else it could be a red colored turken (I have white, columbian, red, buff and black turkens

Either way it is sure a cutie

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