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Jul 7, 2021
I have hatched 5 chicks and going to buy more eggs to hatch. I have read so many threads, and love them I might say, from people who understand the genetics of the bird.

I have read the association thread about test hatching them over a non fibro chicken. Then I saw here where the genetics won't test true unless it's the right bird with a suggestion of Easter Eggers.

I have read on different forums, to include here, that chance breeding can cause lower quality birds without knowing if the bird has 2xfm gene.

With all this information I am so confused in what I should really do when breeding this bird.

Am I supposed to test breed these to see if they have leakage? Do I just gage the quality of fibromelanosis in the birds for breeding?

I've seen where white toes turn black after time. Birds are born with clear or white nails. The roof of the mouth should be black. The vent should be black.

3 of my birds have a clear toe nails. They also have a grayish tint to them. Is this normal? Will it change as they grow older? I have one that is jet black thru and thru.

Please help.
Test breeding ensures your stock has two copies of the fibromelanism gene. Breed your birds individually to non-fibro birds and check to see that all of the offspring are fibro. Maybe separate the hatches to ensure you know who it came from you discover a heterozygous birds.
Many people cross with Ameraucanas or EEs so they can market the offspring from the test breeding as “fibro EEs.”
I don’t know the answer to your second question.

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