AZO pills?


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Mar 31, 2022
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Just curious if you can give chickens a crushed Azo brand yeast treatment?
I've a pullet that's had sour crop for a month. I had stopped treatment thinking she was a goner but she's still eating and drinking and running around. So I thought I would try something different. Shrug.
Can you post some photos of her and her poop?
How old is she?

If you feel her crop first thing in the morning before she's had anything to eat or drink all night long, what does it feel like?

What treatments have you given - products, dose and duration.
I treated for impacted crop for one week (oil and massage) because I felt a grass mass. then followed that with a week of monistat 2x a day. Crop was still balloon like. Wormed. Still nothing. Added a crop bra. No improvement. Decided she was beyond my help and put her back with the flock. That was ten days ago. She still eats, drinks, poops. But she has frequent crop adjustments and has a hunched appearance. Thought I might give it another go. Maybe it's foolish.


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I would try oil again, and this time around, double or triple it. I've found that most people don't give enough oil. You really can't overdo the oil when it comes to impacted crop.

Plan to spend most of a day giving oil, then doing crop massage. I concentrate on the hardest spot in the crop, trying to break it up. Half hour later, I do it all over again. Coconut oil chilled until hard is easiest to stuff into the beak without ending up getting more oil on you and the chicken than goes into the chicken.

Keep up with the oil for a few hours. If you haven't been able to clear the crop, then give a stool softener. Let it work for an hour, then do more oil and massage.
Ok. I work outside the home but I'll do what I can. I did see a grass clump passed but maybe it wasn't all of it? I thought she would be dead by now.
I have tried the stool softener, Epsom flush and molasses flush. I'll go round two with oil again. Thanks.

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