B-12 as a routine supplement?

Mar 26, 2020
Southern Vermont
What type or types of Injuries are you referring?

I found this link to be of interest, It says you can't over treat with vitamin B12 because it won't absorb more then they can handle. :)

I’ve had a couple leg strains with the pekins and a couple bumble foot cases, not that it’ll help the bumble foo, but these big pekins seem troublesome @Isaac 0 says you can over do the niacin.. but I don’t remember the details and can’t find the thread


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Jun 11, 2020
O ok on the legs strains, here also with a few of our girls, luckily no Bumble yet. I know that the B12 is very important when they are young and their bodies are growing very quickly, just not sure how that would still help once they are fully grown adults?

I just started using Knox Gelatin as a supplement to help with preventing leg and joint issues as they get older. Gelatin is used for this purpose in humans and some other animals like Dogs and Horses, I have not seen any documented cases of it being used for Ducks yet.

With all the pros vs cons that I have found on Gelatin used for a supplement for good bone and joint health, I decided to give it a try.

Make sure to consult with your Doctor first like I done, @Isaac 0 :)

Isaac 0

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Jul 19, 2016
If you're going to supplement with any vitamins, I would recommend vitamin B3, or Niacin. While on occasions waterfowl will suffer from B12 deficiencies, it's just not that prevalent of a problem as it is in young chicks.

Regarding the dose, yes, B12 is fairly safe, B3 on the other hand contrary to basically every other opinion out there can be overdosed. It's not something you will see immediately unless you give a LOT, but over time it can affect their muscular-skeletal structure, increase risks of bone fractures, etc. Basically can have reverse effects when given too much, for too long.

So, I don't know what feed you're offering them, but I'm going to assume, correct me if I'm wrong, it contains around 55mg of niacin per kilo as with most all flock feeds. If all you're birds are over ten weeks that should meet their nutritional requirements, but if you want to supplement once and a while you can do that a few ways, offer them treats with nutritional yeast mixed in, or B complex. Or dissolve one 500mg tablet of niacin in twelve gallons of water, once and a while to give them a boost.

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