[b]Question about hardware cloth[/b]


9 Years
May 28, 2010
I have read many time here to bury the hardware cloth 1-2 feet for the run. My husband thinks it will rot out quickly and wants to bury cement blocks and set the hardware cloth on top of it. 2 questions:
1. Will hardware cloth rot? We do live in rainy Seattle.
2. If we do bury cement blocks, how do we attach the hardware cloth? Won't the crafty critters be able to pry a gap?
Sorry, it was more than 2 questions!
I don't know the answer to your question but we too were confused about how best to bury the hardware cloth. We ended up making an 18" apron around the bottom of the run and attached it with screws and washers to the bottom boards that run the perimeter of the run. We also anchored it to the ground with 7" road cloth or landscaping metal anchors. If it rots, it will be easy to replace. Doing this has to be easier than digging and burying.
Theres no point in burying it more than a couple of inches if you lay it out like an "apron" around the run
It will last for many years without rusting away

With a couple of inches of dirt, grass will grow up through it and the roots will anchor it in place.
It can either be attached to the run, or extend inside 6 inches, and nothing can pull it up

There's an old fence at my neighbors.
Parts of the bottom wires have been underground for at least 30 years and , while rusted, are still quite strong

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