Babies Dying!


14 Years
Jan 5, 2009
We had a hatch of orpingtons last week, and on the 3rd or 4th day, I found one laying in the run. I thought it was dead, but I picked him up and he acted SO sleepy.

I brought him in and put him in the brooder, dipped his beak in water and he drank a little but didn't seem interested.

When I put him down, he would fall asleep. If I picked him up, he would fall asleep in my hand.

Late that night, he died.

Today, a 4 day old Brahma was stumbling around the run. He just seems completely lethargic!
He couldn't keep up with mama Hen. So I brought him in for the brooder.
All he wants to do is sleep.

I can't get him to eat or drink anything.

The rest of the babies are being raised by mama hen and seem to be doing great; So what's going on?

I don't want to lose another chick.
So sorry. Hope someone can give you some insight.
What are you feeding them? The baby chicks should be getting medicated chick starter. They SHOULD NOT be eating the layer pellets/crumbles because the high amount of calcium causes kidney damage and failure in the babies.

I would also suggest that mom and babies be confined in a 4 or 5 foot square pen or similar. Sometimes they wander to far from water and can't find it and trying to keep up with mom is using a lot of energy they just don't have right now.

Do any of the others have issues. Please post them.

Sorry about the babies

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