Babies Have New Outside Run


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
So my hubby finally got an outside run built for my chicks and ducklings. They seem to really like it. My oldest duck is almost 3 months old and she has NEVER been outside. She basically lived in our bathroom.

They have been out for 2 days and 1 night now. Wobbles never really wanted me to toucch her when she was in the house, but I could pick her up. Now that she's outside, she follows me around quacking and when I get by the gate, she turns around and squats down like she wants me to pick her up. She really doesn't "do" anything aggressive, but I have to say, the way she runs after me, sometimes I get nervous. this morning I was on the outside of the fence and she flew up at me.

I try not to act nervous around her, but sometimes it's hard. Do you think she'll get over this? I never thought I was actually spoiling her.

She gets along fine with the chicks. My other ducklings are afraid of her. She will get into one of the pens I have but the other ducklings will not go in.

Any ideas as to how I can get them to go in? We don't have a coop built yet, just 2 dogloos and another covered pen. I'm just worried about when it rains. I have put food and water and showed it to them but they run from me. I even put 1 in it.

Any advice would be great.
oh WOW!!!! you never took her outside at all in all her 3 months...darn. Why didnt you take her outside, and why are you nervous of her. If you show it to her then shes just going to end up playing on it and you will end up hurt and being more nervous and wanting to get rid of her. Its not her who needs to get over it...its you that needs to.
I don't know about your ducks, but our ducks LOVE the rain. It's the time they're outside most!
I would just worry about having enough shelter when it's cold out.
I never took her out because the weather has been cold and rainy for the past 2 months. And I now not to be nervous around her. I've been around all kinds of animals my entire life. She's doing better this morning. She doesn't follow me to the gate any more. I just felt so guilty..

I think she pretty much runs the place now. She's not aggressive with the other ducklings and chicks, but she lets out a quack and they either come running or they run and hide.

Thanks for all the help. It was like letting my kids leave home for the first time.

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