Baby Chick cant poo!! Please help!!!!


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Please help!!My baby chick is constipated!! At first i tht she had a pasty butt, but its not. He whole little butt peice is sticking out like she is ready to poo, but she cant!! The is just trying and trying, but nothin is happening. She looks like she is going to explode!!Any help would be great!!!
i would put her little butt in a little warm bath to loosen her up. also, you can put some vaseline or olive oil on a q-tip and rub a little just inside her vent to make the passage smooth.
In an emergency (like this) you might have to do something a little drastic. Soak her butt in warm water and if you have a bobby pin use the rounded end (or similiar tool) to try and gently scoop out the contents little by little. Don't force the plug further inside. Keep her tiny hiney pointed AWAY from your face.
I would do a qtip as suggested or use a eye dropper and get some oil in there to help it slid out better. soaking in warm water helps for large birds, would assume it would work for babies too. Try to give it a few drop oil down the throat too.
I don't know if this would work on a chick, but....

I do foster care for the local shelter, mostly bottle kittens. Sometimes they get constipated from the formula and I take a small dosage (no needle) syringe, I'd use a 1cc size for a chick, fill with about .o3 cc of warm soapy water, coat the end with vaseline gently insert the tip into the chick and squirt the water in.

Hopefuly somebody with more experience will chime in here. This works great for the kittens, but chicken anatomy is a little different so I'm not sure. Might be worth a try if nothing else is working and you're going to lose the chick.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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