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May 17, 2017
I'm planning my next amount of new chickens and types to get.
Rhode Island Reds..Barnevelder, Golden Campines and possibly Golden Buffs . will be my mixture.
Rhode Island Reds are suppose to be docile. Except the male strain. i now only have golden buffs. My coop is going to be enlarged. It's plenty big enough now. I just want it larger.
My golden buffs are 4 years old now. They will be moved to a second newer coop. I understand the pecking order. One of my golden buffs is the high one. The others have been picked on by only one girl. She is top hen. She has all her feathers. The other 3 don't. This is not a molting question. She has basically picked the feathers off in certian areas of the other chickens. To me this breed is not to calm. These are all female chickens.
What I try and get are all females.
I would like to know. I know there is a chance that I would get a rooster. Rhode Island Reds are suppose to be docile. Barnevelders are suppose to be Friendly ,calm and also docile and Golden Campines are friendly and talkative would this be a good group to get?. I'm going for eggs mainly. With the most docile I can get. I live in Ohio. Is thier another breed I should have?Have any of you had good luck with these breeds? Any problems with these breeds? Any information you can give would be appreciative. Thank you
I've never had any of those breeds.
If your golden buffs aren't docile, then you might not want to risk getting more.

I have had Orpingtons, and they've always been the nicest of my hens. Barred rocks are also very friendly
Well RIR usually are a bit more aggressive and tend to strive to be top hen but BO and BR are super nice and are sometimes a bit too docile with more aggressive breeds, but I have 10 different breeds of chickens that live all together and they do fine enough with the more docile breeds being at the bottom of the pecking order except one of my BOs is 2nd to top Chicken but that's because she is older
Barred rocks don't they go broody? Thats a thing that I didn't say. That I'm not going for either. Ones that don't go broody. Sorry didn't mention that
BO, and BR do occasionally go broody, but you can help to discourage that by collecting eggs often.

I've had a few red sex links, and they were really nice. They laid big brown eggs reliably for about 2 years, and then the egg quality just went downhill, so if you want a good short term layer they're pretty good
Red sexlink are not nice I have 2 right now and their bullies they peck chickens until their out of their nest so they can sit in their special spot also they chase other chickens for no reason but poultry parent is right about eggs they lay really big eggs everyday non stop it seems like.
l have sex-links and they are at the bottom. Nice chickens tend to go broody fairly easily. RIR's are pretty big, mine is flighty, but l get a feeling that she is an egg-laying queen(l say feeling because we have 14 hens and l still don't know who lays what). If you get any of the dual-purpose breeds, they will lay fairly well, and if you spend enough time with them when they are young, then they will be young. Mine come up to me when they first see me because they expect food or something and l trained them to know that l have something for them when l whistle.
Also, l am wondering when it would be safe to let a mamma hen and her chick out to free range in a potentially hostile area. We have a puppy that likes to herd the chickens but has already shown that she is ready to kill smaller chickens(we think she killed one of our bantams).

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