Baby Chick Small?

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Jun 1, 2020
Hi everyone, new here & I posted in the new member section but would like to hopefully get some opinions on this one.
She was supposed to be an Amaracuna, but I think she may be an EE?
She is 4 weeks old now, but still pretty small, her wings & feathers are coming in. She eats, drinks, runs and jumps, flys up to her lil stick for roosting like the other too.

Anyone have an opinion for me? She is probably half the size of the other 2 who are also 4 weeks.

Totally new at this so I just want to give them the best and proper care =)


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Was she hatched at the same time as the others for sure? I've got two ee hens, got them at the same time, same age. Almost a year old now, and one is quite a bit larger than the other. Assuming since ee's are basically a mixed breed, there will be some variation in size. Not an expert by any means! Looks healthy in your pics!
Yeah, they all were hatched at the same time. When I brought them home, they were all the same size. In fact I thought the black barred would be much smaller, she was super tiny. Hard to tell in this photo but they were all hatched 1-3 days before this.

Thank you, I hope so, she certainly acts it!


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