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I am new to keeping baby chicks. I've had about a dozen chickens for over a year, but never raised baby chicks. I bought 10 from the local feed store and one in particular concerns me. I read on this great website about pasting, so I've been watching my chicks carefully for this. One of my little ones in particular has a small ball of waste stuck, below his "vent" but when I tried to wipe it away with some mineral oil I could see blood underneath and it really hurt or scared him. Is it possible that I have a cockrel instead of a hen and I am messing with the wrong thing? I'm sorry if that's naive, but I'm not familiar with chicken anatomy and from what I read, even the professionals have a hard time telling. Either way I'm sure the ball of poo should not be there, but I'm afraid to hurt him. I know his vent is not blocked, so I'm sure that he's evactuating as he should. Otherwise I would think, too bad if it hurts him, I don't want to kill him. Also, I don't want him to associate me picking him up with pain. Help! Are there really supposed to be two holes back there?
Thanks for any help you can offer, Sincerely,

Ok thank you very much. So, should I persist and try to get the (whatever it is) off. Now that you say it, I'm sure it is just an injury, so it's like I'm picking at a scab. Since he's pooping normally should I just let the other spot heal on it's own? If I pick that off and leave an open would that's right below his vent, seems like it could be a recipe for disaster.

Thanks for the help!

My first instinct it is clean it and put some sort of antibiotic on it or the mineral oil to keep it softened..then just let it heal.

I just went through two days of pasty butt with one of my girls and it did not hurt her nor did she complain when I put a warm wet washcloth on her rear and proded her with a damp Q-Tip. She did great and did not once run from me when I went to pick her up.

Maybe one of the older hands will have some great suggestions...I just am not sure how to handle it aside from making sure it does not get infected or something. Wish i could be of more help.
Thanks fellow Oregonian!
I'm in Oregon City.

Thanks for the tip. I'll keep working on it with mineral oil. I think I noticed another spot tonight. I'll just keep an eye on it.

Thank you!

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