baby chick with pasty bottom and a twisted leg.


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Nov 22, 2009
Floyd. va
I have a week old chick that I hatched my self. This morning I went out to water the chicks and one of them was panting alot and wasnt moving. so I did a bychicken search and learned about pasty bottom. I cleand the chick and duck taped both feet togerther after tring a few other fixes.

How long will the chick keep panting or is this the sign of something else?

How long should I leave the feet taped together to fix the twisted leg. The chick cant straight the leg out either could it be the tendon?
Panting is a sign they are too hot. You can kill them from overheating them. Check your temps in your brooder and adjust the heat if necessary. It's also helpful if they can have an area without heat to escape the heat if they choose.

I'm not understanding what your issue is with the leg from your description, but if it's splayed leg, you leave them taped together for a few days. You usually use band aids, but since you used duct tape, be really careful pulling it off, you can injure the chick more.

Here's a link to leg issues:
I have removed all duck tape.But in doing so, I have found out the problem with the leg. The achelies tend will not stay in place. I have wraped tape around the knee, but the leg can't bend. Is there a site with more information on how to fix this more permantly?
o.k. I have read all the info on the site you gave me. This is what I have done.
1. put a smll cast on the damaged leg using a straw.
2. cut to wholes in the top of a coffe can and suspended both legs with the chick on top.
3. used some cotton balls to profide some cofort to the baby chick.

I will need to give the baby water several times a day. i have put some suger in the water and I am looking for a vitumen B tablet now.

any other Ideas. Thank you for the link.
The baby chick didn't make it. I think there was some thing else giong on. I suppose there was more for the baby chick to scratch in heaven. And I'am still not the boss!
sadly some chicks takes a strong chick to hatch out of the egg...but that doesnt guarantee it will live to be a big strong chicken...sometimes theres things wrong inside that we just cant see or help and the chick doesnt make it. dont beat yourself up about did you best

RIP little chicky
Some times when I am doing some thing. I could sware that I here a baby chick chirping. I but Its all in my head. does anu one else have this problem?

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