Baby Chickens vs "The Flock"


9 Years
May 26, 2010
One of our hens is currently sitting on some fertile eggs (we have 9 more days to go)! We are so excited but concerned that the other hen that we have (our "flock" consists of 2 bantam Cochin hens) might be aggressive toward the babies. Does anyone have experience with this? Do we need to separate mom and babes from the other hen?

I separate the mom and chicks for at least 3-4 weeks. We have a "coop within the coop" so that everybody can see each other. It'll also depend on how protective the new mother is too. So far I've had good luck with my bantams. Two out of the three mothers have been VERY protective. The rest of the flock (1 rooster and 6 hens) give them plenty of room when we do integrate them. The "dud" mother didn't care about her chick. Luckily the little fellow had the sense to stick close to her until he got some size. Plus, he was much faster than any of the other flock members.
The protective mothers will fluff their feathers up like turkeys and spread out their wings as a warning. They will get between whatever (human or fowl) and their chicks. I've decided for future hatching, I'll only allow the proven protective hens to set on eggs. Good luck with your chickens.
Thanks for the advice. Our broody hen is already acting protective by puffing up and spreading her wings when the cats come near her, so it sounds like she might be pretty good at protecting the chicks.
I always separate too, and this spring my broody only had 2 to raise/protect, so i left her in there. All was fine for a couple days. Then she lost track of them when they were ready to wander out of the nest and the flock made a toy out of one, and the other was weak from
lack of heat when mom did not go after them. She was doing so good i thought it was all ok. I warmed up the cold one and it made it. I felt horrible for letting them be raised natural. The one death could have been prevented

I have a bunny cage i usually put them in, right in the coop. I strongly suggest you protect the first few weeks like that.

ETA: she was very protective of her eggs too.
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