Baby chicks 3 weeks apart.


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Mar 3, 2011
I recently ordered 7 Buff Orpington chicks and 3 Dominques. I am very excited!
The problem is that though they are 1 day old chicks I will be getting the breeds 3 weeks apart. Will I have to keep them in separate brooders or can they be housed together?

Thank you for your time,
I think you can combine them , but I'd give the young ones a week on their own first. three week olds and newborns are a lot of size difference. One week olds can move around a lot quicker and get out of trouble more easily.

I'll be running into this same thing in about a month. I am hatching and then resetting a hatch immediately so I can combine the two ASAP.
I combine mine, but they have lots of room. I always keep a close eye on them. You need to be careful, waiting a week is a great idea.
I haven't had any problems with combining 3 week old chicks with day olds. If all goes well with my hatch this weekend I will be putting my day olds in with my 3 week olds. There is plenty of space and I have done this with other chicks before same age difference.
Thank you all so much for your help. You have really relieved my mind on the subject.

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