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    Okay, so I am really struggling with losing chicks lately. I ordered hatching eggs that were shipped to me and had an okay time hatching. I have had the normal amount of losses from the chicks that came out of the eggs oddly and we're just not right, but they are 2-4 weeks old now and I am just starting to loose more! My chicks are in one very long brooderthat has 3 compartments. The left compartment has non-shipped Ameraucana's, and shipped Amerucanas. I have lost one bird from there that was a non-shipped egg. In my middle brooder I have shipped Lavendar Orps, I have lost 3 from this bunch, but then again, these birds have been weak from the start, in my right compartment, I have shipped eggs in a mix of different breeds, and a handful of my own hatching. I lost one shipped chick from this brooder a couple of days ago, but she was a little messed up from hatching, so I didn't think anything of it, then I lost another shipped one this morning. In addition to this brooder, I have a metal horse watering tub with my own hatched chicks and 5 shipped chicks, I have lost one of my own hatched chicks. Everyone (besides the chicks that were not right from hatch) has been happy, healthy, and showing no signs of anything wrong. No bloody stool, I keep the brooders clean, and I have no idea what I am going up against. I have had them on corid since the night of 4/6 just in case, and I am still losing chicks. It is their only water source, I feed non-medicated feed. The left compartment has 1 and 2 week old birds, the middle compartment has 3 week olds, and the left brooder has 2 week and 3 week old birds. I am sending them off for a necropsy on Monday, but I am just wondering what y'all think could be going on or what I can do to stop this from happening until I get my necropsy results. Thanks in Advance!
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    Can you post some photos of your brooder setup?
    What are your temps and what kind of bedding are you using?
    Any signs/symptoms that the chicks are showing - lethargic, unbalanced movement, distress peeping, sneezing, runny nose, etc.?

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