Baby Chicks in the Cold


9 Years
Oct 12, 2010
I live in the Midwestern region, and winters can get cold. We are going to get some chicks in the spring. When winter comes should we get a light, what woul dbe best for the chickens? Thanks, I am new to the chicken thing, but I am constantly wanting more animals, and thought that getting into chickens would be nice. Especially the thought of eating eggs, without Samonella scares!!!!


They will not need heat after the first few weeks, when they have grown feathers. Lots of info on this site about how to raise chicks and care for chickens. Go to the learning center at the top of the page, and the FAQ's on the Index page.
I had 10 chicks hatched at the end of September last year who were fine out in the winter in their own unheated coop (night time temperatures -15 in January).

I made sure they were very well fed, covered the coop with an old blanket and gave them hay on the floor for warmth.
They thrived.


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