Baby chicks sneezing?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CrazyChickens09, Mar 5, 2013.

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    I have 10 eleven day old chicks.. Sunday afternoon two of the chicks started sneezing and one was gasping really bad for air so I went to the feed store and got Tetroxy HCA-280 and VetRx poultry remedy and used the VetRx on the chicks that were gasping and a few hours later ( I kept a close eye on them) they were doing good.. now the rest of the flock has starting sneezing but none at this time is showing any signs of respiratory distress (i.e. gasping). How do you go about diagnosing what they have and how to go about treating it? They are all eating and drinking and running around sneezing with clear discharge and one pullet has a pop sound when she breathes (held right next to my ear). None of them have crusty eyes, poopy butts, swelling of the face, foul smells.. any help would be appreciated!

    More information

    Fed Medicated chick feed( free choice)
    Water (free choice)
    150 watt red reptile heat lamp
    Pine bedding changed 1-3 days with complete washing of the box making sure its dry before adding bedding

    I have them at the same temperature as when they arrived because they are brooded in a room with a closed heat vent, and they all seem to huddle together right next to the heat lamp ( They have plenty of room to move away from heat but choose not to for some reason).
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    How are your chicks doing? I have one 4 wk old chick sneezing with a gargly. I removed him from the brooder and started him on Denegard. Just looking to see what others are doing.

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