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Apr 20, 2019
Shafer, MN
Hey guys. We had a hen hatch out a duckling sometime this morning. I did not see it around 7 when i let everyone out but my husband found it struggling around lunch time. Its head and beak were caked with dirt and when he tried to give it back to the hen she bolted away from it. Duckling was fluffy as well when he found it. So not a fresh hatch. He brought him inside and wiped down his beak and head to clear up his nostrils. However. He is still looking clogged in the nostrils and exhausted. Anything i can do to help him? I have dipped his beak in water to help him clean out some more dirt in his bill and wiped his eyes clear of dirt. He is at least holding his head upright now and is under the heat lamp inside.

Help appreciated.



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Aug 13, 2020
Aw poor baby! I read that if you get a toothpick and make the end blunt, you can try to maneuver the food out. Ive never tried this but you could use it as a last resort. If you don't have save a chick I this link has a great homemade one. Works like a charm and gives them energy. Good luck with your little duck!

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Jul 19, 2016
The most you can for ones like this, is keep them in a warm, quiet, stressful free area, with feed and water provided. You can drip a few drops of a poultry vitamin into her water, or being careful not to aspirate the duckling drip a drop of full-strength poultry vitamin along her bill. Some people have good luck with mashed scrambled eggs, or soupy chick feed.

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